Teeth Whitening

Do you want a brighter, more confident smile? Teeth whitening is a safe, popular way to lighten stained/discolored teeth or lighten the existing shade of your natural teeth. This is a simple and effective treatment which can be carried out by your dentist or at home.

Teeth become discolored as a result of:
– smoking
– ageing
– foods with colorants
– drinking red wine, coffee or tea
– natural pigmentation with tooth development
– certain medications
Only natural teeth respond to the whitening process. The shades of crowns, implants, and dentures cannot be lightened.
There are two methods of whitening teeth depending on an individual’s needs or the degree of whitening required:
Whitening in surgery:-
This is carried out by the dentist in the surgery. A peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and a barrier protection to the gums. This is activated using an ultraviolet light and the teeth become a few shades lighter within an hour or two.
Whitening at home:-
This is done with a milder peroxide gel and custom made trays which are fabricated in a laboratory following impressions (moulds) of your upper and/or lower teeth by the dentist. Home whitening can take up to 2 weeks to achieve the desired shade.
The degree of whitening varies from patient to patient; teeth which are more grey take longer to respond. It is important to note that tooth whitening is not permanent and a “top-up” procedure, which in most cases, is done at home will have to be repeated every 12 – 18 months.
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